We hear alot about how fast food is "bad" for you. Can fast food be nutritional? In this project, you will examine the nutritional data of your favorite fast food meal.

Using the you received from the substitute teacher, begin creating your Excel spreadsheet. (Assist your classmates if someone is having difficulty--remember it's important to work together.)

You may choose any fast food restaurant to select your favorite meal. (I have provided some examples for you but you don't need to pick one of those restaurants.) Try a web search to find the restaurant's web site. (Their web site will be the best place to gather your data; however, I have provided a site that lists the data of several restaurants.)

Be careful that you are listing the total calories and total fat calories (yes, you might have to do some math) and not the fat GRAMS in your items.

Most importantly, learn and have fun with this project!